Colon Cleansing – Health Benefits

Colon Cleansing Health Benefits

Colon cleansing is used by some for the removal of parasites, prescription drugs, nails, etc. It is also used as a treatment for constipation. A number of the health benefits that come with cleansing are:

Many people use colon cleansing now for cleansing their colon; however, the use of techniques for colon cleansing vary according to the health condition of the individual. There are 3 basic techniques used, each basic technique for cleansing a part of the colon. The techniques are as follows:

Enema: This technique is generally used for the cleansing of the large intestines (colon). It uses waterEnemas are not used for cleansing the whole bowel but there are side effects experienced by some people with the use of enemas

Laxatives: Laxatives are medicines that soften the stool. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of using Laxatives to clean out the colon. The procedure can be painful and it can lead to dehydration and in some cases cause diarrhea. The side effects tend to wear off over a period of time.

Phospho-Soda using visicol is used for the treatment of constipation. The liquid comes in containers and is taken in via drinks or ingested. The procedure enhances water content and also removes unneeded liquids.

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There are other ways by which you can cleanse your colon and some of them are as follows:

Use of Water: This is one of the basic techniques for colon cleansing. The use of water includes one of the modern and simple techniques for cleansing the colon and lots of water. The water is drawn from the source and passed into each and every colon. This method of cleaning the colon uses water and a little bit of baking soda or lemon juice. All you need to do with it is seat yourself in a comfortable position and have a drink of water. You can also have some fruit juice rather than water.

Use of Salt: Salt is a natural compound and you should use table salt if you are going to cleanse your colon.

Use of Tea: Tea can be used in the treatment of cleansing the colon. You just mix warm tea with desired quantity of lemon juice and lime juice and consume it. As far as you are going to cleanse your colon with tea, you should drink 250 to 500 ml of tea when you are attempting to do colon cleansing.

Enemas: Enemas are regarded by almost all the alternative therapies as one of the best methods to cleanse the colon and release toxic contents. The basic procedure involves insertion of a warm plastic tube known as aspirator into the anus. The aspirator is devoid of foam itself, but forms a barrier between the fecal matter and your skin as well. The fecal matter is loaded with compacted water, and forced outwards when you press the vaginal muscles.

Laxatives: Laxatives are medicines that operate naturally in the intestines and are used in the treatment of constipation. It entails the storage of the stool in the intestine and dilute it, making it thinner and also removing the watery voice.

Colon Cleansing Supplements: There are supplements available which aid in colon cleansing. Supplements come in the form of pills to be taken prior to the main course of the colon cleansing pills. Upon consuming the supplements, the bowel movement increases and hence there is a need to empty the bowel. These supplements are also used to restore the colon to perform its natural functions once again.

Enemas and Laxatives: It is very important to cleanse the colon in the initial stages itself. However, supplements are available that help you to clear the blockage, and also restore the functions of gastrointestinal tract after the colon cleansing process.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleansing: This process involves Rosenberg oxygen based bacteria that reach into all the crevices of the colon and cleanse it completely. Unlike other types of bacteria, Rosenberg Enhanced strain of oxygen based bacteria are known to make their way into the walls of colon and carry out its digestive functions. This makes the process very effective.

Before using process for colon cleansing, you must consult your physician for further information and issues regarding the process to be followed.